Types of Window Vinyl


Standard Opaque Window Vinyl

Visibility: Blocks the view entirely. Regular window vinyl is solid and does not have any holes, providing complete privacy and obstruction of the view from both sides of the window. Light 

Transmission: Blocks light, creating an opaque surface that doesn't allow any significant amount of light to pass through.


Perforated Window Vinyl

Visibility: Perforated window vinyl has small holes that allow for one-way visibility. From the outside, the graphic is visible, while from the inside, the view is less obstructed. People inside the space with perforated vinyl can see out, but those outside see the printed graphic.

 Light Transmission: Perforated vinyl allows some light to pass through due to the presence of tiny holes. It provides a balance between visibility and maintaining a level of shade or glare reduction.


Frosted Window Vinyl

Visibility: Frosted vinyl partially obscures the view, creating a translucent or blurred effect. It allows light to enter the space but maintains a level of privacy by diffusing the view. Light 

Transmission: Frosted vinyl allows light to pass through, creating a diffused and softened light effect. It is often used to enhance privacy while still maintaining a degree of natural light.  

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